Meet The Baker

I am Sagit, an artist currently expressing myself in the form of artisanal sourdough breads. I focus on delicious, plant based and nutritious. My breads go through long, often multi staged fermentations and are loaded with love. Since my start in 2021 I have baked over one thousand loaves and my obsession is only deepening.

I come from Israel where the taste of food is.....just to die for. I worked within the Israeli food industry for years, and the celebration of flavor and quality of produce is something I find myself constantly chasing. I invested early on in a grain mill so that I can mill my own fresh flour and I buy organic as often as possible.

Before my two sweet little daughters came along, I was a full time touring musician with my life long partner (you can say I'm a music maker turned..baker!) We were fortunate to tour the United States for years, meeting the best people while doing what we love. Now that life has changed a little, I'm still meeting the best people while doing the things I love. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.